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Talcum powder with excellent physical and chemical properties, and is widely used in domestic high-quality paper, building materials, coating, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, ceramics and other fillers on the market, especially the superfine talc powder is in superfine talc powder in talc porcelain, composite ceramic, talc based functional ceramic and polymer composite processing has exhibited excellent properties.

Talc grinding mill is Shanghai Shibang machine in recent years vigorously promote a talc grinding mill equipment. The ultrafine grinding with high yield, low energy consumption, yield increased by 30%-50% compared to conventional R type pendulum pulverizer yield. Using maintenance free grinding roller assembly and a new plum frame structure, the running reliability of the equipment is more high, maintenance more convenient, in addition, advanced and reasonable structure, for grinding ring replacement without disassembly. Optimal allocation of pipeline, the fan system, reduce wind resistance and pipe wall wear, ensure stable yield increase.

Talc grinding mill performance characteristics

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