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Reasons and Countermeasures for low yield of grinding mill after maintenance

grinding mill

Our company annual overhaul in 2010 April, the raw material of superfine grinding mill after repair and maintenance most significantly lower than before, through the analysis to find the reasons, to take corresponding measures, the basic recovery yield.

1 grinding mill anomalies after maintenance

grinding mill repair projects: mill feed chute for new, grinding roller sleeve, disc material retaining ring and the new speed reducer lubrication oil change new; spare parts wear resistant ceramic disc lining board for use with once a year and use. Abnormal phenomenon after maintenance: material thickness, low yield.

2 The reason analysis

3 measures

4 Effect

By adopting the above measures, the thickness of raw material layer from 80mm to 60mm, superfine grinding output increased significantly, warehousing hoist current increases from 145A to 160A. After a period of operation, with further wear new roll sleeve, and the grinding disc lining board better matching, output will increase the superfine grinding.

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