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Mobile Crusher

vsi sand making machine

Mobile crusher is based on the material "close to deal with" the new concept principle, and the development of the series of rocks and building garbage broken equipment. Can the first line of the material to the site fragmentation, dispense with the material from the site and then broken, the intermediate link, greatly reducing the transportation costs of the material.

Mobile crusher is according to the main flow of the sand and gravel processing, through rational design, various crushing, integration of screening equipment, through the car system or crawler drive system, to achieve the overall operation of mobile function can be flexibly the construction site selection, to deal with the materials in time, greatly reduce the transportation and processing costs of the materials, improve production efficiency.

Working principle of mobile crusher

The mobile crusher main crushing equipment to the crusher (can use the jaw crusher, counterattack type crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher), material by feeder evenly sent to a crusher, crusher preliminary broken after by circular vibration sieve forming a closed loop system, realize the crushing the circulation of the material, in line with the size requirements of the material by the output conveyor, so as to achieve the purposes in the production. The mobile broken station can also be according to the actual production need to remove circular vibration sieve, and direct to the material of preliminary broken, and then coordinate with other crushing equipment in the specific operation, convenient and flexible.

mobile crusher characteristics

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