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quarry crusher

quarry crusher

Quarry crusher is a crusher machine of high-efficiency SBM introduced the binding properties of international metal materials American technology.quarry crusher has broken force, high efficiency, processing characteristics of high yield, low cost, convenient adjustment action, the use of economic etc.. Since the part material and the structural design is reasonable, so the service life is long, and broken granularity of products, reduce cycle load, in large size crusher, using a hydraulic cavity clearing system, reduce downtime, and crushing chamber of each kind of specification, the user can according to different needs, choose different cavity type, in order to better adapt to the needs of users.

quarry crusher crushing cavity machine has four available for users to choose according to need

The scope of quarry crusher application

hydraulic quarry crusher of highly efficient is widely used in metal mines, metallurgical industry, chemical industry, building industry, cement and sand industry etc.. All kinds of mining and rock is suitable for medium and fine Platts hardness of 5-16, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartz rock, Sha Yan and pebbles.

quarry crusher Performance characteristics

The working principle of quarry crusher

quarry crusher Machine of highly efficient, motor through the belt, the transmission shaft and the transmission gear drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate, the moving cone do spin in the eccentric sleeve under the action of pendulum motion, so that the dynamic and static cone and cone sometimes near deviation. The materials in the crushing cavity is continuously pressed, the impact crushing, crushing material from the lower part of the discharge.

The composition of the equipment

high efficient hydraulic quarry crusher main structure comprises a feed hopper, upper frame part, dynamic cone, frame, discharge hopper, a transmission shaft, a triangular belt, motor, electric control cabinet, a hydraulic lubrication station and other auxiliary device.

quarry crusher

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