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stone crusher

stone crusher

stone crusher is SBM new products, along the PF impact stone crusher use experience, re design, used in heavy duty rotor on the crushing cavity,more outstanding crushing performance.stone crusher for sale is mainly used in metallurgy, mine, cement, chemical, refractories and ceramics and other industrial sectors, is widely used in highway construction, very suitable for crushing various kinds of soft, hard ore crushing,fine crushing work.stone crusher is SBM absorption of the international new technology production of the latest generation of products.

stone crusher work environment

The rotor is stone crusher heart; also acceptance the most stringent parts of stone crusher, plays a crucial role in the work. So SBM production of heavy rotor structure is firm to obtain a higher moment of inertia. High wear resistant material and the optimum crushing cavity, making the performance outstanding stone crusher.

stone crusher improves the adjusting device, convenient operation.

stone crusher crushing chamber in three, fine, super fine operation performance is extraordinary.

stone crusher crushing chamber in two, coarse crushing operations, can simplify the process.

stone crusher Performance characteristics

The working principle of stone crusher

stone crusher is a broken machine which uses the impact energy to break material. When the material into the plate hammer function area, by the high speed impact plate hammer and broken, and are thrown to the impact device above the rotor broken again, and then play back plate hammer effect region to break from the counterattack lining.

This process is repeated, until the materials are crushed to the required size, discharged from the lower part of the machine so far. Adjust the clearance between the frame and the rotor frame counter can be achieved by changing the size of materials and material shape purpose. The stone crusher machine in the counterattack plate by spring safety device, when entering the non crushing matter crushing chamber, before and after the fight back shelf, the non crushing matter discharged from the machine.

stone crusher

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