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fixed tooth plate strengthen solves jaw crusher discharge opening problem

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The rapid development of engineering construction, mining engineering, iron and steel industry of domestic economy, to promote the vigorous development of mine equipment, a heavy equipment such as crusher, counterattack broken, cranes, loaders, excavators and other sought after by the market. In recent years, the domestic development of jaw crusher is very rapid, have adopted the international advanced technology and materials in the improvement of spare parts, the new version of cracking in the fixed gear modification can greatly improve the wear resistance of the equipment, and improves the use efficiency of equipment.

In the actual operation process of the new version of jaw crusher, use amount fixed tooth plate and a movable tooth plate directly affects the cost of all broken bump, and then affect the company's economic benefits. The crusher operation, the new crusher and often for the fixed wear plate tooth shape, while the present row ore mouth difficult to control the question.

In order to decrease the jaw crusher toothed plate production, need to reconstruct the new version of crusher. The researchers after investigation for a long time, found the first fixed plate wear parts assembled in the center of the fixed plate line 3/4, conflict is upper, even if there is a certain conflict, will not affect the normal production process of crushing machine. The most important is, wear a site, you need to replace all lining plate, causing great waste. According to this condition, which can ensure the jaw crusher in shape to ensure all structure, tooth plate, and the skills of parameters, selection of tooth plate two body structure, the fixed tooth plate is divided into a fixed plate and the working board, so simply replace the working board can be normal operation.

In the transformation, is mainly carries on the transformation to the new jaw crusher fixed tooth plate, the transformation process to deal with the following questions:

Jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, linear vibration feeder is a new rock Shibang machine the most exclusive new development plan in the crushing and processing equipment, wherein the jaw crusher selection of world-class production process, material for making the most high-end, more advanced skills, finite element analysis skills, whether it is in the production of power, still use life, repair rate, fault rate embody its incomparable advantages, is the high quality stone crusher and rock crushing machine, mine, metallurgy, chemical industry together, cement, construction fields are widely used.

At present, SBM rock crushing machine has become the undisputed rock processing equipment of the world's favorite, aggregates are widely used in various large quarry, sand factory production, in time for the infrastructure built conveying a lot of high quality sand, ensure the construction carried out smoothly.

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