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SBM jaw crusher bearing correct installation method

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We first briefly introduced jaw crusher machine. He said, jaw crusher is crushing machinery a discontinuous operation, presentation time earlier, because of simple structure, not easy to block, reliable, easy to make mine operation, convenient maintenance, so now it is still widely used in metallurgical, chemical, building materials, electric power, transportation and other industrial sectors, for crushing compressive strength in 147 ~ 320MPa all kinds of ores and rocks of coarse, fine.

SBM professor said,jaw crusher of the key positions in the movable jaw, we in the device when the work also first gathered here, (the workers nods), device moving jaw and a rolling bearing based. Only bearing installation is suitable, the wear of moving jaw will be exceptionally well, not strength suppress, then the jaw crusher machine will not have a big problem. Because of the installation of bearings is so important.

briefly about some matters needing attention for bearings

First of all, before the bearing is installed to check if there is rust, if any should use diesel or kerosene wash. Radial clearance, and then also need to check bearing inner pore scale and precision, an eccentric shaft device shaft neck scale is to meet the requirement.

After Looked at bearing should installed in the equipment, this step is very sophisticated, because the amount of interference with shaft journal bearing (maximum reach can contain or subjected to large, usually with pressing) method and difficult to fit into the shaft neck, it is necessary to use the hot charging method, the bearing is heated to 100 C at the mercy of the temperature, etc. the shaft hole swell to more than the shaft neck scale, in order to carry out device.

Here the demand say hot charging method, which is the use of oil bath heating, (has listened carefully to workers and began to make notes) this is mainly because bearings inside and out through the quenching treatment, the hardness is high, if heated with firewood or welding, the bearings will be deformed because of uneven heating, and may make the bearing to reduce hardness and then reduce the use of life. Using oil bath you can ensure that each part of the bearing is heated evenly, not its deformation, also won't let the hardness decreased.

Bearing installation after waiting for the cool completely, then use a feeler gauge to check the radial clearance of bearing, if too small or no clearance, to timely find the reason, find out the words have to unload device. If the appropriate clearance, can be coated glazing grease, and then assembling other parts (many people nod).

Jaw Crusher assembly completed and after put into production, another aspect needs to pay attention to, that is the bearing operating temperature. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of 70 DEG C, but there are special circumstances, such as large rolling bearings because of bad working environment, dust serious, poor heat dissipation, plus the weather temperature too high, the operation temperature will reach 100 degrees at the mercy of the bearing, the demand in this case strengthen smooth, often come on, do it again 2-3 days. If the bearing temperature higher than 100 DEG C too much, it is necessary to view the Is it right? Is fault, immediately check repair.

Finally want to say is, no matter what equipment, must diligent maintenance, not when the bad to make up, so not only delay the production and increased spending for equipment factory, usually more than bad repair maintenance costs to be much lower.

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